EP Review: Lunar Electric, “Lunar Electric”

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Four songs, sonic blasts that knock you flat and feel like you’ve been turned inside out.  Lunar Electric is a new project from guitarist/singer Dre DiMura and this is what “good rock” sounds like.  Fantastic production; heavy in the best way possible and never meandering.  This is their self-titled debut offering and it fucking rocks.

“Bread & Circuses” motors along and then breaks into a thunderously up-tempo repeating riff that stops on a dime; “Moonlight” has a heavy blues-y feel – imagine, if you will, a heavier Cream or Grand Funk Railroad – especially since this is also a trio; “Sleepwalker” has an opening that would make Jimmy Page proud and swings and “Crossfire Child” starts off like a runaway thrash metal train but then slows down and develops into an almost milky atmospheric heavy prog jam, which is simply great.

Four songs isn’t enough.  Lunar Electric need to deliver some more because this is some seriously good shit.  And I usually don’t bluster like that, but that’s how I want my rock to sound.


Lunar Electric E.P. is available now