EP Review: Matt Tarka, “Surely Late”

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Washington D.C. native Matt Tarka is set to release his 4th recorded work (2 singles and now 2 E.P.’s), the 4 song Surely Late.  Produced with Ted Comerford (amongst others, A Fragile Tomorrow) and mixed by Mitch Easter (you know his track record), these songs are catchy and equal “instant classic”, with their acoustic driven pop feel, harmonies and crisp twanging guitars.

“Very Little” is pop with a capital “P”, riff and rhythmically meaty, sharp and biting lyrics and easily embraceable; “Now Or Never” is reminiscent of mid-to-late ’80’s college radio (think R.E.M., The Ocean Blue or The Connells), filled starts and stops, boisterous organ and standout guitar fills; the title track has that “new wave”-ness that reminds me of (frankly) my own bands (Two Minutes Hate, as we improved and the earliest things we attempted as we morphed into The Punch Line) – straight ahead, pop construction but with motor; “Bring A Glass” is the surprise – slower, twinges of gospel and country and sadly sweet harmonies (listen to those guitar notes – fantastic).

Sometimes four songs are all you need to deliver the message.  These four terrific songs from Matt Tarka are just that – all you need.  And these four songs will stay with you long after the last notes chime into silence.


Surely Late will be released Friday, November 18th, 2016