EP REVIEW: Ohnomoon, “VVV”

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This is great.  I’ll cut to the chase.  New York-based Ohnomoon release their debut EP, VVV and it’s a knockout.  Tight, melodic, familiar and combining the elements that I love from my ’80’s younger days, this band make it their own.  As time goes by and the name of Ohnomoon becomes known, you’ll hear the same comparisons:  My Bloody Valentine (without the aural assault factor), Lush, Curve and the like – this band are undoubtedly their offspring.  I’d even offer up my beloved That Petrol Emotion as I can hear the pop-melody-structure mixed in with the drone and controlled feedback.  “Shoegazer” was, at one time, something of a negative connotation – this band seem to wear it with pride.  But they’re much more than that as these five songs will testify.

Kat Lee’s softly, breathy vocals which build into power, carry these songs into an even higher state than the music, which incorporates psychedelia as well as the aforementioned soundscapes.  “Low” opens the EP with a sinister riff and clean in-between textures by Corey Oliver’s guitar (I’m guessing he wields either a Jaguar or a Jazzmaster); the rhythm section of Mike Spivack on bass and Trevor Gunderson (drums) hold down a dense, tight anchoring sound while giving the entire thing its propulsion.  “Trust” carries on with a howl of “trust no one” as one of its lyrical mantras, reverting to a hypnotic melody that carries through a maelstrom of feedback and layered voice; I’m sure the word “hypnotic” will get bandied about but it fits here.  “Blackout” is a strident, yet comfortably restrained track – it wants to explode but keeps itself in check, which makes it an absolute standout.

Rather than take away the intrigue and curiosity you may have with this wonderful new band and this glorious EP, I won’t say anything about the other songs (except that they’re ALL great and you must hear this).  Instead, seek out Ohnomoon; buy this EP – it’s a win.  And you’ll thank me later for it.  I guarantee it.  For shoegazers, Ohnomoon make it shine.


VVV is available now