EP Review: Ruen Brothers, “Point Dume”

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This four song E.P. is a very strong introduction to England’s Ruen Brothers, Rupert and Henry Stanshall.  Shades of Scott Walker, Roy Orbison and spaghetti-western twang permeate these songs with no sense of contrivance; rather, these are well-crafted songs with a classic feel in a modern setting.  Dramatic, sometimes over-the-top but not irritating – and filled with melody and catchiness.

Of the four songs, “Motor City” kicks hardest with a mid-’60’s kind of grooviness; heavily bass driven and crisp guitars along with bold arrangements.  “Vendetta” has a Box Tops kind of feel (!) with punch; “Summer Sun” screams Gene Pitney in a powerful, now sense with a tremendous chorus and “White Lies” has a lot of texture and is (arguably) the most radio friendly of the tracks.

All in all, a very solid, coherent premiere from this duo.  Also interesting, as they’re British, but sound very American, which I can appreciate.  Good start for the Ruen Brothers.


Point Dume is available now