EP Review: The Cynz, “Five Mortal Cynz”

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The words “garage punk” get tossed around a lot and usually miss their mark.  However, The Cynz, who hail from New Jersey are just that – a band that, upon first listen, reminds me of the late ’70’s and the CBGB’s scene (naturally – except I’m from New York; I was there as a kid, frequently).  Fronted by the charming Cyndi Dawson on lead vocals, she brings a natural dynamic stage presence to the band and knows how to work the crowd.  Charisma is everything and she has it.  She delivers the emotion of the songs with a lot of spirit – for that’s what the songs on this EP are – spirited.  In the mixed vein of the Dolls, Blondie, Patti Smith and Joan Jett, here is that vibe with good production and catchy tunes.  With guitarist/vocalist Henry Seiz as co-writer, they deliver 5 neat, driving numbers that move, move, move.

Guitars, tight drums and throbbing bass – while being framed by Cyndi’s song/speak vocals.  The familiarity of the style is a welcomed old friend.  “Leave Me Alone” is an in-your-face break-up song in the best, classic style of Suzi Quatro or Debbie Harry.  Nice harmonies color the chorus on “Weight Of The World” and “Blame It On The Kiss” is a definite radio oriented track.

Give this band a try – see them live (they perform a lot) – and let it rock.  The Cynz are go!