EP REVIEW: The Shift, “7th Direction”

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Six songs from this new New York-based trio and a nice find – The Shift’s 7th Direction is filled with chunky riffs, a water-tight rhythm section and melody.  Hard rock, the way it should be done.  The production is also key, keeping the band from sounding too overfilled to compensate for being a three-piece; guitar solos are fiery but tasteful.

Kicking off with “Kobra”, which doesn’t sound dissimilar to a harder Rush-styled track, the hypnotic riff sets the tone and keeps the song motoring; singer/guitarist John Shannon has a voice that makes the song work and his guitar work is flashy without being pompous.  “Dreams” is a fast and breezy number that shows the band’s ability to flesh out a song and keep it interesting (clocking in at over six minutes); “Consecrate” is drenched in what sounds like a 12-string foundation – it’s a slower, powerful and dramatic track – a standout.

Being that this is only 6 songs long, I don’t think it would be fair to give away all the details on each track.  Suffice it to say that this a very good introduction to a new band.  Worth the time and effort to find and listen to.  The Shift definitely could turn some heads.


7th Direction will be released on April 14th,2015