EP Review: Vanessa Forero, “From the Uproar”

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Final Cover_from-the-uproar-itunes

This British-born (with Colombian lineage) singer songwriter makes her initial bow with a self-financed E.P. called From The Uproar.  Five songs deep, this is a wonderfully rich collection of songs that immediately leave you wanting more.  Having had another two lives as a composer for television and movies AND as a best-selling author in Britain, it’s nice to see she’s putting herself in the spotlight with her incredible voice and melodic sensibilities.

“Heaven Knows” has a hypnotic acoustic riff, rooted in South American flavors but has all the elements of radio friendliness; “Same Boat” is a rollickingly warm, catchy piece – again, employing the “native” feel of her Colombian roots; “I’ll Be Wrong Again” is a sweet and emotionally touching piece with its delicate melody and lyrics of a broken heart.  “Raven” is a vividly colorful piece; Ms. Forero’s vocals shine by showing her (quite dynamic) range and “Anhela” is sung in Spanish and is slow, silky and simply lovely.

Every now and then, it’s a pleasure for me to get out of my usual musical comfort zone – or expected tastes – and hear something new, different, fresh and emotionally elevating.  And that’s exactly what this E.P. from Vanessa Forero is.  Emotionally elevating.


From The Uproar will be released Monday, March 28th, 2016