EP Review: Weep & Willow, “Weep & Willow”

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Four very strong, well-crafted/sculpted songs with a lot to offer.  Strong harmonies, melodies, lush arrangements and a feeling of warmth that’s impossible to not feel embraced by.  Such is the debut E.P. from Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward, who are husband and wife, in the guise of Weep & Willow.  The Rockford, Illinois natives are joined by Mr. Nielsen’s brother Daxx (who is the current drummer for their father’s band, Cheap Trick) and these songs are of a complex and emotional nature that, frankly, fits the current mood.

Because it’s only four songs, I don’t want to give too much away – it should be enjoyed by being sought out and listened to in full.  But of the four tracks, I have to say I was immediately taken by “Leviathan” – the water-tight harmonies; the down-home feel/texture and the catchiness of the chorus (which screams Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at me) is a complete standout.

This is a new project for Mr. Nielsen, who is also the driver behind Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, but I would hope that it’s not a one-off.  This is an excellent offering from he and Ms. Steward and I would very much look forward to a full-length album because this E.P. is just not enough.  A very good whetting of the appetite, indeed.


Weep & Willow’s self-titled E.P. is available now