Happiness is a Warm Post

Written by Meta, Music

Things that are making me happy right now:

1. My bitchin’ new 17″ laptop. Oh. My. God.
2. I’m about to get my first byline at Rotten Tomatoes.
3. Our first three Idiot’s Guides of 2007 should be, in order: Survivor, Fugazi, and ZZ Top.
4. The Sundays’ “Here’s Where the Story Ends” (download). I’ve always loved this song, even when I was an irrationally Live 105-loathing teenager, and thanks to La La, now I own the CD. (It’s the simple pleasures, folks.)
5. My upcoming trips — this weekend, to Nashville, to see my old pal Fred tie the knot, and then, on Christmas Eve, back to California to spend the holidays with them what raised me.
6. Despite my recent absence, some of you are still, unaccountably, reading this space.