J-Anthony Proves That High School Principals Rock With New Single, Video

Written by Music

Although I’ve migrated between coasts for the better part of 10 years, I still represent my home state of Ohio whenever possible. That includes, of course, championing artists from the Buckeye State.

Lucky for me, Toledo-based (but Cleveland-bred like yours truly!) pop-rock-funk artist J-Anthony makes it easy. If your tastes lie somewhere in the land between Lenny Kravitz and Prince with a touch of hip-hop, this high school principal (seriously) is going to be your new fave.

After letting music fall by the wayside during his college years and early adult life, he channeled his musical energy into a cover band and subsequently won accolades as the best band in the city. Now, he’s back focusing on his passion project, churning out a unique concoction all his own.

In his first single, “It’s Official,” J-Anthony speaks to a theme that many listeners will relate to. “The track…is an anthem about a guy not ashamed to let the world know he found his perfect woman,” he says. Between the song’s infectious call-and-response chorus, dash of soul smoothness, and a red-hot guitar lick, it’s a powerful statement from an artist who only just begun to rock.

Check out the video for “It’s Official” below (sign me up for a date including chips and salsa by the pool, please) and stream the track via Soundcloud.