listening booth: bill janovitz and buffalo tom

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Hey, any Buffalo Tom fans out there?

I’ve never been the most passionate of fans — and my favorite BT album is Big Red Letter Day, which I imagine most followers of the band regard as their worst — but they’ve been making good, solid, honest rock & roll for longer than most. Maybe an Idiot’s Guide is in order one of these days.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this entry is to direct you toward the personal site of one Bill Janovitz, he of the gravelly lead vocals on some of the Tom’s finest recordings. Not only is he a personable and articulate guy (he just wrote a book on Exile on Main Street), but he’s also prolific as hell. Check out his two fine solo albums, Lonesome Billy and Up Here, as well as the lone release (so far) by Bill Janovitz & Crown Victoria. At the site’s store, you can even download a few albums’ worth of mp3s, including Homemade, a collection of — duh — home demos.

Yes, I have it. No, I ain’t gonna share any files with you. It’s seven bucks. I think you can take the risk. But I will share Janovitz’ terrific, creaky cover of “My Funny Valentine” (from Lonesome Billy) (download), and my favorite BT song, “Tangerine” (download).

Anyway…get on over there and say hello.