Meme, Meme, Meme: “Dancing Thom”

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What do you do with a seriously weird music video? Make it weirder, that’s what you do!

So Radiohead premiered their new album, The King Of Limbs, last week with the video for the track, “Lotus Flower.” It looks like this:

Faster than you can say “dancing baby Hitler translations with a dramatic chipmunk,” a game of Video Can You Top This began, with one creative individual attempting to top the absurdity level of the last. How, you may ask? Observe.


She Drives Thom Crazy

The Safety Thom

The Yorkearena

This leads us to the $25,000 question: how calculated is this really? The band certainly made strides with their second unconventional album release in a row, and the music video is just as notable, if only because it is kind of hard to sit through it all the way. Was that the point? Did the band realize in advance that this was a subversive, guerilla marketing tactic right from the start?

Or do people just have way too much time on their hands?

Premeditated or coincidental?

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In the meme-time, videos keep flooding in. You can check them all out at the officially unofficial hub, Dancing Thom.

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