MINI-ALBUM REVIEW: Broken Gold, “Residency At Hundo Beach”

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This six-song mini-album comes courtesy of Austin’s Broken Gold, which is the brainchild of Ian MacDougall, who is both the frontman and main writer.  There’s a very warm and lush sense of controlled chaos in these songs; as if My Bloody Valentine had been given the proper restraint and allowed the melodies to not be overwhelmed by the noise.  Here, the noise is not a distraction but an enhancement.

Opening track “Teeth” has (and this is the word of the day) melody, structure and a sense of completeness.  “Dirty Vodka” reminds me of something Sugar may have attempted for their second album; another song that has a great feel and drive.  “Green Grass” mixes guitar sludge, some very neat keyboard-sounding figures and the right amount of tension to make this track stand out.  “Life Of The Machine” is another exercise in tuneful noise attack, but holds itself well; “Let Go” is a clean, clear cut popsong with no heavy wall of effects, just a warm solo, a recurring riff and a sweetly melancholic feel.  “Shoulder”, which closes this mini-album has the loud/quiet/loud concept to a t, but this band knows how to do it without getting tedious.

All in all, a fine, very likable effort.  Much enjoyed – I think this is a band I will be investigating further.  Residency At Hundo Beach is an excellent primer.