I never cared about/for or paid much attention to the “riot grrl” movement (or any musical movements/”flavor of the moment”) in the early ’90’s, nor did I have any interest for Bikini Kill’s ’77-styled teen-angst punk – I was already well-past that stage for listening.  I’d heard Kathleen Hanna’s name over the years and thought her to be just another spotlight-seeking (but too late to the show) punk wannabe.  So the earliest part of this movie neither fazed me nor held much of my attention.  However, her story of being diagnosed – after much runaround and inaccurate analysis – with Lyme disease and her subsequent struggle was very moving and inspiring.  Anyone living with a disease who finds a way to continue with their lives being as “normal” as possible – to create, perform and to inform people – is to be respected and admired.  Also, equally touching is the devotion she and her husband, (Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz) have to one another.  An interesting and overall thoughtful film.