Hello, and welcome to my latest adventure: sitting on the floor playing with tapes. My college friends just nodded knowingly.

So, a quick back story on this particular show: I originally recorded it to be broadcast on another site, so if I sound slightly terrified and occasionally, surprisingly brief, it’s because I was up against a clock. That site operated like a radio station, so I had to make sure I didn’t go over my hour of allotted time. Also, I didn’t know the people running this site at all, so I didn’t want to go full gonzo Medsker on them out of the gate. That’s just an unwise thing for me to do in general.

After a few chats with Lord Jefito, I decided to move it here, and now I feel like I’m working for HBO or Netflix. My shows from here on will be as long or as short as I want them to be. (Picture Mel Gibson, or Zach de la Rocha, yelling “Freedom!” here.) What this means is that I hope that the shows from here on out will be even better.

Okay, back story explanation over. What is this show about, anyway?

Here’s the deal: I’m going to play songs, and then I’m going to talk about them. Artists on the agenda this week include Jon Brion, Teenage Fanclub, and Fever High. “Unpopular pop,” a phrase that Brion and Elvis Costello have both mentioned, is a very apt description of what to expect.

Thanks for listening!