New Video: Big Tree, “Augury”

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Gorgeous two-part harmonies match the natural seashore beauty of Berkely-based Big Tree’s brand new video.

Big Tree

Big Tree, "This New Year"Berkeley-based Big Tree just released a gorgeous new album, titled This New Year. Their calling card is enveloping two-part vocal harmonies by Anna Ghezzi and lead singer/lyricist Kaila McIntyre-Bader, anchored by off-beat time signatures. Matching the beauty of those harmonies is the new video for the odd-metered single “Augury.”

[Augury, for those of you wondering, is defined by as “an omen, token, or indication.” So there you go.]

Partially shot at the beach in the Marin Headlands, the video for “Augury” finds Ghezzi and McIntyre-Bader singing to the seas in one of Northern California’s most beautiful natural vistas. It’s cross-cut with additional footage shot over at Easter Island in the South Pacific. Mystery and intrigue have a melodious new soundtrack. And if you’re feeling like driving off to the beach now, give me a call, please.