New Video: Charlie Zeleny and “Drumageddon Manhattan”

Zeleny’s a virtuoso percussionist who’s calling this “the ultimate drum solo.” What do you think?

  • http://www.popdose.com/ Ted

    There’s no denying that this guy can play… and play fast. But some of this was more style over substance — and a little too contrived. It wasn’t until he got to the third drum kit that things got interesting for awhile, but then he resorted to fast and furious playing ’til the end.

  • Jim

    Man, I loved it! What else would you expect from a super drummer rocking a drum solo in the most insane, over-blown tourist trap in the world? Girls, Tourists, Businessman with handcuffed briefase & a guy who looked like he belonged on Occupy Wallstreet. I am sure he’s done things that are more substance based before. But if you are going to rock a solo in Times Square, I wouldn’t expect anything less than what I just saw. I am floored and blown away!

  • Old_Davy

    The drumming was good but the video had too much product placement.

  • Nano-Techno

    Lol! It’s Times Square. Whadya expect!