Skylar penned “Invisible” about a year ago, while living in the Oregon wilderness, and has this to say about the track:

“I wanted it to be Peter Parker by day mets Spider-Man by night. An everyday kid, who isn’t really that cool but there’s something else going on, that people don’t know about. That’s kind of the journey that I went on. I discovered that my insecurities and my flaws were things that I actually need to embrace, and I let them become my superpowers.”

Skylar Grey’s debut album, Invisible, arrives in 2012. “Invisible” is directed by Jay Martin (Wolfmother, Atreyu, Death Cab For Cutie).

Also, check out a behind-the-scenes video of a recent Skylar Grey photoshoot here.

[youtube id=”NVVrT_wNw_Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]
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