Parlour to Parlour, Episode 48: Annie Girl and The Flight

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With a sound that combines the hypnotic vibe of Mazzy Star and the drones of John Cale-era Velvet Underground, Annie Girl and The Flight soar like no other.

Parlour to Parlour 2013

Of all the artists we’ve profiled this year in the Parlour to Parlour series, one of the most precocious and committed to her life in music is Annie Girl, of Annie Girl and The Flight.

Most folks in the San Francisco Bay Area probably first heard Annie as a member of Mark Matos’ Family Folk Explosion, a “Last Waltz” style revue where Annie was one of several featured performers who also augmented Mark’s own sets.

Utilizing many of the same musicians who contributed to the Family Folk Explosion, Annie quickly set to work establishing her own presence with Annie Girl and The Flight. Visually, Annie is very unique for this time in the Bay Area, most often found in classic punk rock attire of denim and a tee shirt with dark sunglasses. And yet, while Annie is admittedly a big fan of punk rock, her music has far more in common with the likes of Mazzy Star, the drone-prone John Cale era of the Velvet Underground, and even Mark Matos himself. In short, there’s no one else like Annie out there right now.

Annie has come a long way – both developmentally and in terms of physical distance – since her beginnings in Colorado. She has been back and forth between her home base of San Francisco, locales north and south along the west coast of the U.S., and Europe too, forging bonds with audiences and developing music on her own and with others. Now she’s here, taking a breather, to talk with us a little and to share a new song from her forthcoming EP, due out in early 2014.

The interview:

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