Parlour to Parlour, Episodes 49/50: Dave Mihaly

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Dave Mihaly

Parlour to Parlour 2013Spend enough time checking out live music in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually you’re bound to cross paths with master percussionist and composer Dave Mihaly.

A long-time San Francisco resident by way of New Jersey, Dave has been adding his unique take on rhythm to a wide variety of jazz, rock and folk artists (Ara Anderson, Mark Matos, Sean Hayes and Jolie Holland among them) while maintaining a healthy output of his own compositions with his Shimmering Leaves Ensemble. Not only that, Dave is a magical conversationalist whose words – most often when not under the glare of a camera or the intrusion of a microphone – naturally roll off his tongue in seemingly fully realized poetry.

Much like Mark Matos (episodes 42 and 43) and the Parson Red Heads (episodes 5 and 6) before him, Dave Mihaly had a lot to say. In fact, Dave had so many interesting and revealing bits to share that I decided to include nearly all of our conversation in a two-part episode, only the third time we’ve done so since the launch of Parlour to Parlour in 2009.

I could say more, but Dave really says everything best. But I will say this: Dave’s masterful performance of the jazz/folk story song “When You Leave It All Behind,” from 2013’s wonderful Shimmering Leaves Ensemble album, Rivers, is a one-man-band sight to behold. Not only that, it’s a touching song that very accurately reflects the soul of the master who created it.

Episode 49: Dave Mihaly speaks about his musical style, his influences, and musical high points from the very recent past:

Episode 50: Dave Mihaly recalls the journey that brought him from New Jersey to San Francisco, and shares a bit of his favorite items at home:

The performance: