Platters That Matter, Episode 1: Joe Walsh — But Seriously, Folks…

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What could be better than reading Popdose staffers Chris Holmes and Dw. Dunphy blather on about their favorite albums? Why, listening to them blather on about their favorite albums of course! And that’s just what the newest addition to the Popdose Podcast roster, Platters That Matter, is all about.

For the inaugural episode of the podcast, our intrepid hosts reached back nearly 35 years to dust off Joe Walsh’s fourth solo studio record, 1978’s But Seriously, Folks… It was Walsh’s first solo effort since joining the Eagles in December 1975 as a replacement for co-founder Bernie Leadon, and it’s a doozy.

Joining Walsh for the festivities are his long-time drummer from the Barnstorm days, Joe Vitale, and producer Bill Szymczyk. Rounding out the core band are guitarist Joey Murcia, phenomenal session bassist Willie Weeks, and keyboardist (and Spirit co-founder) Jay “Thunder Island” Ferguson. Together they created one of the finest and — despite its #8 chart peak — overlooked rock albums of the late 1970s.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to it instead! And when you’re done, head on over to Twitter to tell Chris and Dw. what a swell job they did!

Platters That Matter, Episode 1: Joe Walsh — But Seriously, Folks…

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  • arensb

    Wait, “Dw. Dunphy” is pronounced “dee-double-you”? I’d always assumed it was pronounced “dw”, like the middle part of “handwarmer”.

  • Chris Holmes

    It’s actually an abbreviated version of Dream Weaver.

  • jefito

    Bravo, fellas. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Beefnoodle

    Enjoyed it – nice choice to kick off the series. I also liked that one host knew the music and the history and one basically didn’t. Set up some good discussion. One suggestion – play the music you’re talking about! There might have been 1:30 of music in 45:00 of talk.

  • Ted

    Well, according to a couple of sites, Bill Szymczyk’s name is pronounced “Sim-zik.”

  • Old_Davy

    Trivia: This album and Jay Ferguson’s “Thunder Island” were both recorded at the same time, same studios, same musicians, same producer, etc.

    The “I’m fallin’ down…..” section of “At The Station” is lifted directly from Joe Vitale’s song “Falling” from his album “Roller Coaster Weekend” which Joe Walsh played guitar on, along with Rick Derringer and Phil Keaggy. After a concert, I spoke with Phil and asked him about these sessions, which he referenced in the show. Phil told me that he was actually lectured by Bill Szymczyk and told to play his parts more like Eric Clapton.

    Hey, side two of the album isn’t bad at all. “Tomorrow” has some great lyrics, and “Theme From Boat Weirdos” fits the aquatic/swimming pool concept well.

  • Matt

    Gents….you’d be surprised at the solo gems that they pulled out starting with the reunion tour in 1994. Check it out:

    Great job – really enjoyed listening to this!

  • Chris Holmes

    Very cool info, thanks!

  • dslifton

    Great show, guys, although I am offended that it took 40 minutes for the sole mention of my name.

  • Thierry

    Really enjoyed this a lot – while I’m not all that familiar with his solo stuff, I tend to think that Joe Walsh in the James Gang had the greatest guitar tone this side of Billy Gibbons. And Rides Again sounds really great when played really loud.

    The one thing I may disagree with is the notion that the Eagles would not have given Walsh room to experiment with different sounds like the reggae influence that pops up here and there on But Seriously, Folks… – after all, “Hotel California” itself began as a reggae song (it was called “Mexican Reggae” when Felder brought it to Henley & Frey) and there is still a lot of that left in both the rhythm and the bass line of the finished version.

  • Rock_dawg

    I’ll back that up based on some outtake chatter on the Eagles box set.

  • Rock_dawg

    Great show and looking forward to future instalments.

  • Phil

    Great job on the podcast guys. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • D. Justin Jewell

    Great job guys! I would love to hear you talk about a Genesis album of your choosing sometime in the future.