Orianthi- Dave Stewart (800)

Stream Now: Orianthi’s Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks From ‘Hell’ (feat. Steven Tyler)

While most of America is still shell shocked by Miley Cyrus’s tongue, people with actual taste have been busy rocking out to Orianthi’s blistering third album, Heaven in this Hell. Earlier this year, the singer/guitarist/Alice Cooper axewoman walked POPDOSE through her Dave Stewart-produced album while also revealing details about a legendary “lost session” with Prince. Read that interview here.

For those who have yet to be converted, Orianthi just sweetened the deal with a new Heaven in this Hell digital deluxe edition. Two new tracks and a remix top off an already perfect platter that’s deeply rooted in classic rock, blues and glam metal tradition. If your stereo system is strong enough to take it, Heaven packs one hell of a punch.

On the new single, ‘Sex E. Bizarre’, Orianthi gets an assist from none other than Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler who wisely uses his talents where they’re needed instead of retuning to the sinking ship called American Idol. This track was produced by frequent Aerosmith partner in crime, Marti Frederiksen.

New Track #2, ‘Better With You’, just might be the ticket to get Orinathi back onto pop radio where her ‘According To You‘ was a platinum smash. The slight country flavor to the track was no accident, it was produced  and co-written by Bobby Huff (LeAnn Rimes) and Blair Daly (Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts).

Heaven, along with the new solo album by Cinderella’s Tom Keifer (read our new interview here), gives me hope that well-produced, well-written, bang-your-head, REAL freakin’ rock and roll still has it’s place in a pop culture universe that’s too Thicke, slick and heading in the wrong One Direction.

For a limited time, check out the new Heaven in this Hell (Deluxe Edition) bonus tracks here:

orianthu deluxe 300

Orianthi’s Heaven in this Hell (Deluxe Edition) is on sale this week on  iTunes and Amazon MP3.

  • Tad

    She plays a develish lead, pop -hard rock is her genre.

    First time my Super – Home – Stereo did stutter to reproduce. (1000 Watts yeah :)

  • Al Hirardo

    ya lamers, does she have gold already? I want see the plated.


    Do ya read magazines or news? She had Platin again but her boyfriend is suspicious in whole USA. So she dont get attention more.

  • Evelyn19

    I love Ori, shes genreless, all she plays is hard, i love her so much from heart (-:

  • Hobby_Bowler_NL

    Orianthi , can you play a cover like Van Halen “Pretty Woman”?
    Wed wish some like “Were the champions” from former Queen .

  • Gemini

    when she have 10 stacks of speakers on stage, this world hears the choral.

  • 100brons

    I heard her interview on fox, not nosy, very grounded for such a lead guitar,
    I did listen her new album, what a guitar, and singing, ah not a male again of this
    10000000 bands, and not trimmed as all females to show ass and tits.

  • Peter_SA

    Ass and Tits are good, but I agree, shes in a Rock – Class, other bands cant hold,
    when she switches lead, the grass is moan, havent heard such neither.
    I listen Speed-Metal and such, thin guitars, but when she goes on the run, a massive movement of notes occures.



    Ori, mind your boyfriend, even our devil circle says hes not from us.

  • iTunes_Criticer

    why is she not iTunes festival , flight and hotel paid by iTunes, GAGA is great, but that shes for Rock N Roll.
    (want see her once live in TV or Inet)

    But ITunes just makes money and not give

  • Tommy_DeLuca

    iTunes festival is over, and Orianthi said she have no Slot, hence her tour playing,
    she had rather no day holiday, Believe shes one at iTunes, might next Year when
    she can arrange it.


    I dont like this fairchilds, they make money on Oris reputation

  • Home_orff

    Calm down, nobody likes this guy in Hollywood, world
    I have a thesis say never a bad about anybody, but this asshole dont do long in this biz.

    But Orianthi, listen this filigrane solos, others paint some riffs on, she plays by finger,
    like a journey on 4 minutes.

    Gosh. I prefer female singers, but if one play and sing like this.