Popdose Exclusive Single Premiere: Indiana Grace, “Avalanche”

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From a young age, Indiana Grace had dreams as big as the Swiss Alps, where she grew up with her Swiss father and American mother. Fueled by the passion to make her dreams a reality, Grace began singing and songwriting with skills she acquired from piano and classical voice lessons. Her unique voice earned her a place at The School for Gifted Children of the Performing Arts in Switzerland, as the first pop singer ever accepted. At the age of 18, she left for the United States and began perfecting her own sound and musical style, while studying performance and songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

Her lyrics are inspired by her love life, nature and moments that have left a profound impact. Grace’s unforgettable choruses, soft vibrato, and soulful sound, will be the focal point of her upcoming EP, In Love With Love, which is currently being recorded and due for release in early 2017.  So give a listen to her incredibly soothing voice on this new track, “Avalanche”; I think you’ll enjoy the sounds of Indiana Grace…