Talk about a rush – not a breath – of fresh air…  Popdose is both pleased and proud to introduce the population to a new band hailing from Memphis, Tennessee – ELDER.  This four-piece:  Andrew Elder (vocals and keyboards), Ian Duren (drums), Tim Kanter (guitar) and Charles Stout (bass) carves great slabs of dramatic and powerfully melodic pop on soundscapes that instantly reel you in.

Their first offering are two songs, recorded live in Memphis, which makes this an all the more impressive debut.  The lead track, “Rock My World”, is a fine piece of modern pop with traceable roots that makes this appealing for any generation of listener.  The skill and power that this band displays is immediate by virtue of the fact that this is, indeed, a live performance.  The talent is there – now the excitement comes in knowing a full-length album is in the making for release in early 2016.  Go to their website (listed below) to hear the other equally high-quality track, “Soda Pop”.

So here is, without any further delay, the band ELDER. Listen and be enlightened…