Karen Haglof Perserverance cover

It was a little under two years ago guitarist-turned-oncologist Karen Haglof released her initial bow, Western Holiday.  That album was the soundtrack to my trip through Georgia and now, she’s back with some deadly great collaborators – Steve Almaas on bass/guitar and  C.P. Roth on drums and recorded (again) at Eric “Roscoe” Ambel’s Cowboy Techinical Services Recording Rig in Brooklyn with Perseverance And Grace.

Popdose is pleased to present to you the title track, which is twangy, tasty and sly – melodic as all get-out and just good old fun, while being meaningful.  So please sit back and have your appetite whetted for Ms. Haglof’s next album by way of “Perseverance And Grace”.

Perseverance And Grace will be released Friday, April 22nd, 2015.