POPDOSE PREMIERE & ALBUM REVIEW: Lines West, “Nowhere Feels Like Home” from “Two Of A Perfect Pair”

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LInes West TOAPP Cover

I became aware of Lines West, the Connecticut-based band last summer with their magnificent Stop, Look & Listen album – in a word, it was a scorcher.  So to hear that they’re about to release their second effort, Two Of A Perfect Pair, pleases me to no end.  Even more pleasing is the sounds coming from the minds and pens of Brian Larney and John Radzin, the drivers of this musical train.

Having apparently hit a few bumps in the road with departing band members, the duo decided to regroup, dust off from the aftermath and re-shape the Lines West ethos, in the process carving an even deeper niche with this new album, which is different from the first and yet no less tuneful and a breath of fresh air.  Adversity leads to action and this collection of songs – some of which reflects the turmoil – are strong, memorable and definitely find their way into your head where they’ll stay.

Amongst the highlights (of which there are many), “Waist Deep”, which is catchy, pure pop at its best; “Perfect Pair”, with its crisp guitars that shimmer and shine; “Guardian Angel” has elements of the Small Faces if you listen closely and “Simple Rain” is a perfect exercise in melody and structure.  But best of all is the song we’re pleased to premiere here for you, “Nowhere Feels Like Home”.  Soulful, from the heart and filled with what I think makes Lines West so good – a piece of Americana that’s sweet and devourable.

So don’t just take my word for it – listen on and go from there.


Two Of A Perfect Pair will be available Tuesday, June 9, 2015