POPDOSE PREMIERE: Amy Lynn & The Gun Show, “Closer”

Written by Music, Popdose Exclusives


While I’m no fan of Nine Inch Nails, this is pretty damned interesting as its equally damned good.  Amy Lynn & The Gun Show, a New York-based seven-piece R&B/soul outfit have the balls AND the brass to take NIN’s classic “Closer” and give it an R&B treatment/feel.  This version I can sink my teeth into.  Amy Lynn’s throaty vocals give a highly charged power to an already tense lyric and when she belts out the deadly line, “I want to fuck you like an animal”, she sounds like she means it.  The beefiness of the sax is just that – big and beefy and it works.  It takes this song into a wholly different stratosphere.

So here, with the Popdose Premiere is Amy Lynn & The Gun Show.  Can you dig it?