Popdose Premiere: East Love, “Better Than Being With You”

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“Okay, hot shots. Prove it.”

eastlovecoverFunny thing. Sometimes the press release delivers.

So we received a press release for the band East Love and the newest single off the band’s upcoming debut EP, due out later this year. And it says all the things you expect a very passionate pitch to say, but there is often a price to be paid. Rarely does the music actually live up to the hype, and so the listener comes in with a chip on his shoulder and says, “Okay, hot shots. Prove it.”

Well, what do you know? East Love’s track “Better Than Being With You”, which makes it’s debut right here on Popdose, sounds really darn good. The group featuring Robbie Fink, Lukas Effman, Alex Goldstein, Alex Utay, Andy Koehler and David Berliner hail from New York, and have managed to mix the acoustic sensibilities of, say, debut Mumford and Sons with a more Eastern U.S. vibe. (so I suppose “East Love” is not so odd a band name, right?)

Don’t take my word for it. Check out “Better Than Being With You” below.