Popdose Premiere: FADES, “Breaking Through the Walls”

Written by Music, Popdose Exclusives

It’s a special privilege to premiere this incredible video from London-based alternative rock band FADES. Their sound is reminiscent of Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, and particularly Queens of the Stone Age (to whom their name is a partial homage).

When it’s obvious how much time, devotion, and artistry a group of musicians puts into their craft, it deserves celebrating. Considering that FADES originally assembled to tour guitarist Joshua Woo’s solo project and evolved into a full-fledged operation because — gasp! — they actually enjoyed collaborating, it makes their sound that much sweeter. Now, they’re readying their new EP for its debut at Proud Camden in March. From first listen to their , you’ll be excited counting the days until it’s unleashed on the world. Until then, enjoy their single “Breaking Through the Walls” and its accompanying video, making their debut here on Popdose.