POPDOSE PREMIERE: King Ajibade, “Excuse Me Lady”

Written by Music, Popdose Exclusives


king2For an artist whose name translates to “one that wakes into royalty,” King Ajibade’s music certainly exemplifies the regal and beautiful connotations of such a title. The Nigeria native’s new EP, Passport, pays tribute to that royalty as Ajibade honors his Yoruba heritage by blending African, Latin, and Caribbean music with Western pop. It’s a sound that’s friendly to ears of any creed, and a sweet taste of the most flavorful genres in music.

Check out King Ajibade’s new video for “Excuse Me Lady,” a song that’s sure to lift spirits and get your body moving.

To learn more about King Ajibade, or to buy his new EP, head over to his Bandcamp.