Popdose Single Premiere: The Cynz, “Devil in the Details”

Written by Music, Popdose Exclusives

By now, you should be pretty familiar with The Cynz, the New Jersey-based band that we’ve showcased on occasion.  And to get right to the point, the reason we’re premiering this new track from the band on Popdose is simple:  this is an absolutely terrific, immediately classic song that needs to be heard.  “Devil In The Details” is, first and foremost, is a major leap forward for The Cynz – slower, much more finessed than their 100-m.p.h. style – this has all the markings of a natural radio hit, with the use of 12-string Ric, a strong melody, harmonies galore and a wonderful double-tracked vocal from Cyndi Dawson, the lead singer, who reaches a new height of emotion in her delivery.  I thought the last two new releases were groundbreakers for The Cynz, but this takes them to a new stratosphere.  The melody and FEEL of the performance is perfectly intertwined with the lyrics and the vocals. It’s an instantly classic piece; it is simply the best thing they’ve done.

Listen to it and let this one sink in – it won’t take long – you’ll know why very quickly.  And if you weren’t a fan before, this should make you one now.