Popdose Video Premiere: Amanda Homi, “I’ll Drive the Car”

Written by Music, Video Premieres

Amanda Homi wants to take the wheel in this exclusive Popdose Video Premiere.

“I’ll Drive the Car” is the first single to Amanda Homi’s upcoming new record due late-spring 2017.

London-born Homi has traveled the world, lived in many countries, and currently makes New York City her home. She is a singer, songwriter, percussionist and dancer; and has released two solo albums, “Drumgirls” and “Till I Reach Bombay.”

“‘I’ll Drive the Car’ is dedicated to empowering women worldwide,” Amanda said. “I think that the education and empowerment of women is the key to a kinder, more just and safer planet.

“Of course, there are women who literally aren’t allowed to drive and that was the key inspiration. But on a global scale, men have been intoxicated at the wheel for too long. It’s time they handed us the keys…”

As for the unique (and rather pointedly political) setting for the clip: “We shot this video outside of Trump’s hotel in Columbus Circle in NYC before the election. I admit that I personally am not a good driver! But it’s the thought that counts. Fasten your seatbelts.”

More information is available on Amanda’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/amandahomimusic/