Popdose Video Premiere: Deni Bonet, “Bright Shiny Objects”

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For years, Deni Bonet has been honing her craft as a violinist, singer, songwriter and performer. And anyone who’s heard her last few albums, especially 2013’s It’s All Good, knows that Ms. Bonet brought something extra special to the table. HOWEVER… one listen to Deni’s newest album, Bright Shiny Objects, and you’ll know this particular record takes on a completely different life and direction.

As all good artists should do – and Deni Bonet is no exception – the idea is to grow and show a scope, broader and more expansive than what the listener should expect. So it should be no surprise to anyone that with Bright Shiny Objects, Deni Bonet has taken her musician’s skills to an even higher plane.

It’s no secret that Deni Bonet can rock a violin like nobody’s business.  Or that she writes memorable songs that make you want to listen again and again and again.  Deni Bonet is, simply, a musical total package.  But the key to this new album is that Deni refrains from singing – this is her first all-instrumental rock album – Carnegie Hall virtuosity intertwined with a rock-club vibe and intimacy. That doesn’t ring your bell? Try Yitzak Perlman playing lead for AC/DC. That should give you some notion that this artist has, indeed, brought something special to the table.

So sit back and let yourself be enveloped in the power and beauty of Deni Bonet’s video for the title track, “Bright Shiny Objects”.  You’ll quickly understand the beauty of what she does.

Bright Shiny Objects will be released Friday, January 27th, 2017