Popdose Video Premiere: Diamonds, “My White Diamond”

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As an LA transplant myself, I like any song that tackles the subject matter of real life in the Valley (where I happen to live). Natives know it’s a short drive to Hollywood, but day-to-day drudgery is far removed from the glitz and glamour. For many, it becomes a taunting tease, especially when so many move there to absorb the infamous culture and lifestyle.

Enter Diamonds, a band that exemplifies that sense of ennui. Tired of the exploitative LA promises, they instead focus on the darker aspects of SoCal culture: the drugs, violence, and oppressive situations that are all-too apparent.

Don’t worry, though. Their sound is reminiscent of the Smiths and the Arctic Monkeys, but never veers too far off the pop course. Melodies are at least a bit upbeat and highly infectious, perfect for soundtracking all kinds of moods.

Check out the video below for “My White Diamond,” premiering here on Popdose!