Popdose Video Premiere: Patrick Krief, “All Is Lost”

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Popdose is very pleased to present this new single and video from Dears guitarist/singer/songwriter, Patrick Krief.  With this new track,  “All Is Lost,” it’s apparent that recent death and heartache have left an indelible mark on the mindset and music of Mr. Krief. However, with lyrics such as “When all is lost, all is found,” it is also clear that the resilient Mr. Krief is intent on moving forward in life and in love.

Following a devastating string of deaths in his life and the end of a romance, Krief poured all the heartbreak, grief, and despair into the twenty songs that make up Automanic Red and Automanic Blue, his unconventional and heart-wrenching diary of a double album, which will be released on September 30th.

According to Krief, the lyrics to “All Is Lost” discuss “being held back by the past and the struggle and importance of moving forward.” Poetic and universal lyrics like those in “All Is Lost” blend with dreamy soundscapes and carefully crafted balladry to give Krief his distinct sound.

We hope you enjoy this track – we did.

Automanic Red and Automanic Blue will be available on Friday, September 30th, 2016