Popdose Video Premiere: Peter Aristone, “Colors”

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Making his acclaimed debut album, the baroque 2014 release 19 Days in Tetbury, Peter Aristone dials it down a few notches with his compelling, stripped down E.P. Gold. The collection of five hook-laden songs takes Aristone back to where he started; he learned to play guitar by picking up an acoustic six-string as a 14-year old in post-Communist Slovakia.
“That’s how it all began for me,” Peter says. “I’ll never forget picking up that acoustic guitar and how it felt. This is like a journey back home. I’m so comfortable with the acoustic guitar. I love it.”  Peter Aristone completely reinvents the folk-rock staple. He transforms it from a mellow, straightforward track into an edgy, raw tune thanks to his powerful strumming and intense, passionate vocal and it’s evident in this Popdose premiere for his video to “Colors”, a cover of a track by the band Halsey.  And notably, this video track is NOT included on the E.P., so this is, indeed, an exclusive. Enjoy!  

Gold is currently available