Popdose Video Premiere: Polly Baker, “Wild”

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Rising country pop singer Polly Baker promises a captivating love filled adventure in her stunning sun-splashed video for “Wild”. The video is a fun and flirty ode to the thrills of young love. Baker’s adopted city of Los Angeles is front and center, as Baker and her beloved stroll the city’s shores and streets. The visuals are warm, vivid, and inviting. According to Baker, the aesthetically pleasing quality of “Wild” is purposely artistic in nature: “I loved the idea of writing a song that allowed the listener to paint the story within their imagination. From driving along Laurel Canyon with my co-writer and penning the purple skies we saw that sunset as the first lyric of the hook to the red dress I had worn on a rainy day outing to Manhattan Beach…the melody and lyrics are a visual memory for me and I wanted to make sure that the music video captured those moments.”

A native of Northern Virginia,Baker recently graduated from Berklee College of Music. She released her self-titled debut EP, produced by Grammy-winner Dave Darling, in June, 2016.

Polly Baker’s self-titled E.P. is available now.