Popdose Video Premiere: The Cynz, “Right to Your Grave”

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The Cynz are without a doubt one of THE hardest working bands around right now in the New York area.  They are an endless supply of energy and rock and roll thunder.  They release single tracks on a regular basis and play – it seems – every week.  And now they’ve released a new single and video which takes them into a new stratosphere of melody and pop precision.  “Right To Your Grave”, which was produced by Peppy Castro of the legendary Blues Magoos, is one of The Cynz’ finest hours, of which there are many more to come.

This is an exercise of power pop structure, dynamic guitar figures and the powerfully emotional (and at times, gut wrenching) vocals of lead singer Cyndi Dawson.  Harmonies abound and the haunting chord patterns make this an instant classic in my mind.  But here – listen and watch for yourselves.  The Cynz, as I’ve said before, have it.  And you can see it and hear it.  Now.