Popdose Video Premiere: The Feelies, “Gone Gone Gone”

Written by Music, Video Premieres

Popdose is very pleased to bring you the latest video from legendary New Jersey band, The Feelies.  “Gone Gone Gone” is one of the highlight tracks from their newest (and acclaimed) album, In Between.  This song does have that “trademark” Feelies approach – a steady, sonic intensity that’s equally melodic and memorable.

The Feelies are one of those bands who are timeless; I think it’s fair to say that after 40 years, it’s something to wonder at as well as rejoice in.  Knowing that they’re still making great music that sounds fresh and vital is important; not only is “Gone Gone Gone” another Feelies masterstroke, but so is In Between.

Check out/listen to the video and then get a copy of the album.  If you don’t already love The Feelies, you will.

In Between is currently available