Popdose Video Premieres: Loveland Duren, “Birthmarks”; Cauldronated, “Ibossa”

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It’s not often that I enjoy music videos – but when I do, I feel it necessary to help give them exposure.  And it would be unprofessional of me to not share with you this debut video from Loveland Duren, the Memphis-based act I have fallen under the spell of.  Their debut album, Bloody Cupid, is on constant play in my iPod and on my CD player; I cannot help but rave to everyone I know – quite unashamedly, I proudly admit – that this album of theirs is something special.  Because, goddamnit, it is.  I don’t get like this often, but when I do, you should just listen – not to me, but to the music.  Well, yes, listen to me – get a copy and then let yourself be drawn in.


So here is the first official video from Ms. Vicki Loveland and Mr. Van Duren; “Birthmarks”, which comes from Bloody Cupid…  ENJOY!


I also want to alert you to a different type of music – danceable; hypnotic – a little different from what I usually will opine about.  This is CAULDRONATED, a groove-oriented duo of Italian vocalist/poetess/chanteuse Eva Menon and wunder-drummer (and author) David Barbarossa (Bow Wow Wow, Adam & The Ants, etc.).  There’s a wonderfully chilly element to this video and the music itself, which I quite like.  I think we’re going to be hearing and seeing more from this intriguing duo in the not-too-distant future: