Prince Is Back! (Online, That Is… )

It has been the better part of five years since Prince has had any presence on the Internet. As a matter of fact, he’s gone to extraordinary measures to ensure that the web didn’t contain any of his content. Save for a few snippets of performances shared by his current protégé, Andy Allo, he has been a ghost on the web; all of that changed last week when he quietly opened a YouTube account under the name 3rdEyeGirl, and shared a blistering version of “Babmi,” originally released on his self-titled 1979 release. The black & white video looks to be rehearsal footage, and looks to be from the same session as the last clip that “leaked,” via drummer Hannah Ford, in early December of a new tune called “Screwdriver.”

In addition to the live footage, a pair of remixes—one for his current single “Rock and Roll Love Affair,” and another of 20Ten bonus track, “Laydown”—and a funk workout by the name of “Same Page Different Book” also have been uploaded in the last 12 hours. Could it be one of his associates has finally convinced him to return to the Internet? Could be, but Prince has proven to be a fickle when it comes to hanging around the web, so peep these while you can, they might not be around for long.

  • Guy Smiley


    Let me know when he’s back… In Pog form!

  • Keith

    If only Prince and this firey band could take a cue from Jack White — record a raw, bluesy, funky album live in the studio on analog tape with minimal overdubs, he would be back on top. Sadly, he will likely continue his 20-year habit of over polishing everything straight into mid-tempo R&B dullsville.

  • Michael Parr

    Undertaker, Part 2?!

  • Keith

    That would be perfect. “The Undertaker” movie/soundtrack is the epitome of what Prince should be — a masterpiece — and yet, it is not available in the States. I watched it on an import VHS. Such a crime to pop culture!