Pulling Rank: B-Sides from Tori Amos’s “Little Earthquakes”

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Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. An entire album’s worth of songs — originals and covers — were released as B-sides to various singles. And now I shall rank them in order of best to worst (although, they’re all pretty great).

1. “Upside Down”

2. “Here. In My Head”

3. “Flying Dutchman”

4. “Sugar”

5. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

6. “Take to the Sky”

7. “Thank You”
8. “Sweet Dreams”
9. “Angie”
10. “Song for Eric”

11. “Mary”

12. “Ode to the Banana King (Part One)”
13. “Thoughts
14. “Humpty Dumpty”
15. “The Pool”

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidragland David Ragland

    Thanks for this post. I started collecting her b-sides right after Earthquakes. By the time Pele was released, I was waiting at the record store for each one of her singles. The last album I did this with was To Venus and Back, and now, I don’t really listen to anything after Choirgirl. My list would go in this order:

    1. Upside Down- I remember being blown away when I first heard the bridge (I found the secret to life . . . )
    2. Flying Dutchman
    3. Mary (The original version. Not at all a fan of the Tales Of A Librarian version)
    4. Take To The Sky
    5. Sweet Dreams
    6. Thank You (love her voice on the chorus of this cover)
    7. Teen Spirit
    8. Angie
    9. Sugar
    10. Banana King (Love the piano bass line in this song)
    11. Here. In My Head
    12. “Humpty Dumpty”
    13. “The Pool”
    14. Song for Eric
    15. Thoughts

    Are you going to do a follow-up post for Under The Pink B-sides?

  • KellyStitzel

    I probably will do posts for UTP, BFP and Choirgirl at some point.