Radio City with Jon Grayson and Rob Ross:  Hey Nineteen!

Rolling along with the new format, Jon and Rob have a lively, riveting and powerful conversation which you don’t want to miss.  Laughs – seriousness – thought and off-color observations – you get it all, regularly.  This week’s episode starts with a comparison on performance venues nowadays and seeing older artists currently on tour; the Popdose Staff piece of Paul McCartney’s Top 75 Songs For Paul’s 75th Birthday (a great read and some very choice selections) and a shoutout to Brian Wilson on his 75th birthday; the usual Donald Trump press circus and use of distractions; Ken Shane’s choice of Carla Thomas’ “B-A-B-Y”; Anna Coogan’s recent album; summer television – the end of certain shows and the return of others; the NHL’s expansion draft, introducing the Las Vegas Golden Knights and this week’s brilliant “In Our Heads” segment, which you do not want to pass by.

Sit down on this 4th of July and celebrate that Jon and Rob are out there, bringing you all the news that’s fit to inspect…

Radio City With Jon Grayson & Rob Ross: Episode Nineteen

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