Record Store Day Special: Big Star, “Jesus Christ”

Written by Music


I’ll keep this simple – a timely package:  the iconic artwork of the three wise men looking at the neon Big Star logo.  First seen as an Ardent Records promo poster in 1972 for #1 Record, then for greeting cards through Ardent and now as the cover art for a special 10″ vinyl release from the good folks at Omnivore Recordings.  Can Big Star have a more apt Chrimble track than “Jesus Christ”?  No.  So here it is a single, coupled along with a few audible treats.

You get the “standard” version from 3rd; you get the demo version – now, that should be good enough.  BUT you also get more…  Two instrumentals, previously unreleased – each by Chris Bell; one electric and one acoustic.  You finally get the long-sought “Another Time Another Place & You”, which was heard in the film Big Star:  Nothing Can Hurt Me and there’s a version of “Thank You Friends” known as the “t.v. mix”.  Seven songs!  That would be more than appreciated by me, if I found it under my Xmas tree (if I had an Xmas tree).

Look for a copy – that’s part of the fun.  Oh – and this is merely a sample of a forthcoming “complete sessions” boxset for Big Star’s 3rd.  THAT should have you paying attention…