SINGLE REVIEW: Freddy Jones Band, “Those Diamonds”

Written by Music, Single Reviews


Melodic, catchy, beaty and buoyant would be a good way to describe the sound of the Freddy Jones band, as personified by this new track, “Those Diamonds”, taken as the leadoff single from their upcoming album, Never Change on June 23rd.  This Chicago-based “roots-rock” outfit has been around for a while (and no one in the band is named “Freddy Jones”!) and they’ve got quite a history and following behind them.

Musically speaking, I like this track; it’s one that sticks in the head as well as sounding great, production-wise.  And anytime you can incorporate a bagpipe in a pop song, you’re on to something!

The Freddy Jones Band is also currently out on tour, so please click on the link below to see if they’re playing somewhere near you.