SINGLE REVIEW: Jenn Vix, “I Don’t Trust You”

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Another melodic eye-opener from Rhode Island’s (somewhat prolific) Jenn Vix.  This singer-songwriter knows how to write a melody and use electronic instruments to make it sound warm, human, emotional and passionate.  On this seemingly personal new track, “I Don’t Trust You”, she makes her feelings known and gets the message across so that you can’t help but take the intended feelings to heart and mind.

Aside from her compositional gifts, she’s once again, aided and abetted by legendary drummer Andy Anderson (who anchored The Cure’s kit for several years in the very early ’80’s).  And again, the beauty of Jenn Vix’s work is that although the songs are framed with an electronic foundation, “human” drums and guitars cut across to emphasize the sheer power and to heighten the melody.

Listen – download – BUY.  Jenn Vix is one artist you will want to investigate, embrace and return to, over and over again.


“I Don’t Trust You” is available now