Artists all over the world will tell you that one thing inspires more material than any other: pain. For some, there’s no other release than setting thoughts and feelings to music. For New York’s Liz Graham, her “metamorphosis” is still ongoing as she continues her long and storied career. Currently recording her sophomore album, “Damaged” is the second single from the release, and for both Graham and the listener, it’s a reminder that even though times have been tough and your soul might feel destroyed, it’s important to be kind to yourself.

A Lilith Fair vet and a self-described Adult Contemporary songstress, Graham’s accolades include a successful East Coast radio tour and even a song placement in The Fifth Estate. It’s her introspective style that gives her the timeless feel of peers like Natalie Merchant and Ingrid Michaelson. From the time she was a young girl reading Robert Louis Stevenson to the tragic suicide of her brother and champion, Randy, Graham has created a vibrant and vital presence for herself in the music industry simply by translating her experiences into emotive and relateable songs for the masses. It’s her gift to us that we’re allowed insight into her life and experiences, which at times seem way too intimate to touch. But Graham shows us it’s okay; even though we’re damaged, everything will be all right.

Listen to “Damaged” by Liz Graham below:

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