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Can it get any better than this one track by Chris Korzen, who performs under the alias of Nezrok?  Well, yes – an album’s worth in this vein would, indeed, be a joy to listen to.  I’ll tell you later who some of the luminaries are who help make this three-minute power-pop masterpiece an instant classic.  But first, the facts…

You can’t want or ask for better than this – and I have to admit, I almost let this one slip through the cracks – damn glad that I didn’t.  Catchy, slightly melancholic, wonderfully clever and obtuse lyrics and the vocals…  Sweet harmonies all around, wrapped in some deft guitar playing and tight, taut drumming.  Would it be fair to say that there’s maybe a pinch of my beloved Big Star in the influence?  Fuck yes.

But here’s the obvious – aiding and abetting Mr. Korzen are the one and only Van Duren on vocals, Chris Bolger from R. Stevie Moore’s band on guitars and bass and the always-incredible Dennis Diken of The Smithereens on drums.  Add to that some of the mixing, etc. was done at Ardent in Memphis.  And while it may be obvious, so what?  The fact is, the track is a winner.  If you like (or love, as I do) hooky, infectious, melodic pop, then this is it.  And Chris Korzen goes straight to the front of the line.


“Beach People” is available now