Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date (No Date) Tonight

Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

The big turn on. The one that gets you going, going and gone like no other. Life’s cruel this way. That one who sends you into outer space with slight brush of a hand, a soft landing of lips.  A real life unicorn. Rare and followed by rainbows. Leading with its giant protruding horn.

[Latin Breed, “I Turn You On” Single, 1969]

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Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

You want it so bad. Get it. Sitting with your hands behind your head nets nothing. Work it. Invest in it. Take a ride into the danger zone. Cut loose. Footloose and fancy me. Get unstuck, Chuck. Drop off the key, Lee. Set yourself free.

[Eric Hutchinson, “You Don’t Have to Believe Me” Sounds Like This, 2007]

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