Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date (No Date) Tonight

Strip down your clothes and hit the road. Go go go get your girl.

Song for the Soundtrack of Your Date Tonight

Sometimes you need to ride the open road with just your underwear on. Feel the wind beneath your wings. And if you happen to see another person riding the road with just their underwear on, say hi. Expose yourself. Have your brief encounter. If a longer entanglement is in order, invite them into the tall grass for a long talk. Walk that talk of yours. Strut it like a proud peacock.

[Hanni El Khatib, “Family” Single, 2013]


Song for the Soundtrack of Your No Date Tonight

“I care more if you act as though you like me, than if you really do,” Adam Green.

No, it’s not you. The question is. Who?

[Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, “Pleasantries” self titled album, 2013]